Get 'Glam Nails' Tutorial + College Advice with Cindy Flores!

Chatting with Cindy Flores -- Nail Artist and GlamourGals supporter -- was a blast and she totally brought the brains and beauty to our Instagram LIVE! I learned so many tips from her glam nail art tutorials (and all you need are toothpicks & bobby pins???!) and felt so confident rocking these looks!

Plus, Cindy just started Med School this year, so she's sharing her advice for pursuing a career in STEM, how to be a total standout in your college applications (Key: be YOU), and believing in yourself. And she shared tips about overcoming obstacles by being YOU and leaning in to your story.'s all about you! :) She truly spoke from the heart and shared so many wise words - it felt like a total 'big sister' moment. I know you're going to love our chat, #Heartbreakers!

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"For anyone pursuing a career in main advice would be not to be intimidated by the field. The key thing to do with that career is to always believe that your hard work will be recognized." - Cindy Flores

Get Glamorous Nails! - With just a few household items, you'll have your nails glammed up in no time. Grab your Bobby pin and toothpicks & let's make your nails the highlight of your day!

Want to follow along to get your Glam Nails'? Here's what you need:

Bobby pins - toothpicks - Nail polish: 1-3 colors, optional glitter or metallic nailpolish for accent colors

About Cindy: "Through nail-art, I found the perfect hobby to express myself and practice self-care. As I journey towards a career as a mental health physician, I look forward to teaching others these skills so their nails may reflect their beautiful personalities."

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