The NYC-Inspired Makeup Look that brings allll the Fall & Winter Vibes with @BigAppleBeauty!

María Isabel Flores (aka @BigAppleBeauty) spoiled us with a FULL NYC-Inspired Makeup tutorial -- from fresh-faced to finished-look -- and we're in for a treat! María is an "all things beauty" expert, so you don't want to miss this, #Heartbreakers!

Based in New York City, María is a Content Creator and Community Manager for @Wander_Beauty. María was previously a Social Media Intern and Volunteer for GlamourGals in 2016 and a 'Beauty Smarties' Content Creator for Seventeen Magazine! (This def calls for some *snaps*!)

I met María a few years ago when I performed at the Glammys in NYC, so I knew she would be our go-to gal for an NYC-Inspired Glam Look! It's moody and smokey and perfect for Fall & Winter vibes (especially since we're all lusting for travel, you can feel like you're strutting the streets of NYC with this look).

We will be adding a little smokey, glittery flair to the classic winged liner. This look is beginner friendly and we will be taking it from base to finishing touches. The tools list below is a suggested list but we will be offering alternatives, so feel free to follow along even if you don't have everything!

I loved the contouring & foundation tips, cute convos, & learning how to make your skin GLOW. And...believe it or not, María walked me through my first time using bronzer (shocker?! maybe?? she thought so!). Let me just say, I've been using it ever since we filmed this and I haven't looked back.

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Want to follow along with María to get your NYC-Inspired Look? Here's what you need:
Tools: - Fluffy Eyeshadow Blending Brush - Shader Brush - Precise Shadow Brush - Foundation Buffing Brush - Fluffy Powder Brush - Beauty Sponge
Makeup: - Foundation - Concealer - Blush/Bronzer - Neutral Eyeshadow Palette - Liquid or gel black eyeliner - GlamourGals Pink (Hot Pink) Lipstick - Loose or liquid glitter makeup - Highlighter
Optional: - False lashes - Lash glue - Scissors

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love, the girl with the big pink heart™


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