WATCH: How to Sell 23,535 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies with Mikayla Butler & Kristina Lachaga

Hey #Heartbreakers! IT'S COOKIE SEASON. Say it with me: "It's...GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME!"

Yes. Capital letters were necessary. I mean, are you human if you can *actually* contain your excitement for Girl Scout Cookies? (I don't think so).

Last weekend I had the honor of being the Host and Musical Guest of USA Girl Scouts Overseas' Virtual Cookie Rallies! I had an absolute blast helping 525+ Girl Scouts (living in alllll corners of the globe!) ready for the best season: Cookie Season.

We were joined by amazing Special Guests, including teenpreneurs, CEOs, and...Girl Scouts! Including one ultra-amazing Girl Scout: I'm talking about Mikayla Butler, who during the 2020 Cookie Season sold...get this: 23,535 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Yes, you read that right. And that makes her the 2020 Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller in the Nation. (Did I mention she did this *during* a Pandemic?? She's a total GOAL GETTER).

Mikayla Butler

I loved having the chance to talk with Mikayla at Cookie Rally! She shared her top Cookie Selling tips to help YOU can sell 23,535 boxes of cookies (or whatever your epic goal is!) this season! Get out a pen and paper! Take notes!! You've got a Cookie expert ready to help!


Meet Mikayla Butler:

Mikayla Butler is a freshman at the University of Idaho and has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years. Girl Scouts has changed her life as it let her pursue her passion of helping others and making the world a better place. Through Girl Scouts, Mikayla has been able to accomplish goals and dreams she once thought were impossible, reach outside her comfort zone, and help her community. This last year, Mikayla was the top cookie seller in the nation selling 23,535 boxes! She says, "I wouldn't trade all of the memories I have in Girl Scouts for the world."

Mikayla Butler - Girl Scout Cookies Mikayla Butler - Girl Scout Cookies

Mikayla Butler - Girl Scout Cookies Mikayla Butler - Girl Scout Cookies

Stay tuned for more inspiring interview from USA Girl Scouts Overseas' Cookie Rallies - I'll be uploading one a week for the next 5 weeks! YAY!

And...also check back the week of February 1st for a special announcement! ;)

LYM! <3

love, the girl with the big pink heartâ„¢


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