Celebrate Valentine's Day with S3's Pink Drinks: How to Make Rose Gold Milk Tea Latte & Pink Matcha!

Hey #Heartbreakers! I hope you're staying happy, healthy, safe and warm this snowy winter! I wanted to share a fun recipe with you that I'm going to try to make for....Valentine's Day! Happy (almost!) Heart Day!!!! YAY.

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to interview Claudia of San Diego, California's S3 Coffee Bar while getting ready for GlamourGals' GLAMMYS! S3 Coffee Bar is a family-owned business serving local roasted coffee from San Diego and creating tasty colorful lattes and teas! If you're in San Diego, you can order online & pick-up through their drive-thru or in-store, or you can order delivery with DoorDash!

Claudia was *so* amazing (I swear she should have her own Tea & Coffee TV Show!) and she showed us how to make...get this: ROSE GOLD MILK TEA LATTE *and* PINK MATCHA.



I wanted to make sure I posted this a week ahead of Heart Day, so you could find the ingredients & make it, too! If you're in San Diego, you can pick up most of the ingredients from S3 Coffee Bar (order them online for pick-up!) or you can run through their drive-thru and grab your drink - no work required ;)

(I also wish I had alllll the pink balloons that I have in the YouTube video for my "set," but not just for Valentine's Day. I want them in my house all. the. time. LOL. But seriously.)




The Drink: Toasted almond beet tea latte with whole milk, honey, and rose. Topped with dry rose petals and edible gold glitter

The Ingredients:

- Cup or Glass Jar

- Honey Syrup (add a little Rose-Infused Syrup)

- Toasted Almond Beet Tea (it's pink & almost tastes like a chai tea!!)

- Ice (pro tip from Claudia: the more ice you add to it, the better the layer!)

- Whole Milk (best for layering! but almond milk is also a great choice and will layer just as well!)

- Spoon (to swirl and create that coveted ombre effect!)

- Organic dry rose petals (for decoration - pick them up from S3 Coffee Bar!)

- Edible 24k Gold Glitter (for decoration)

- Glitter Wand (if you want to be *extra fancy*)

- Rose Gold Straw ;)


The Drink: Matcha with whole milk topped with toasted almond beet tea

The Ingredients:

- Matcha Green Tea (pre-make the matcha using a matcha wisk or milk frother - WATCH: How to Make Matcha!)

- Ice

- Whole Milk or Coconut Milk

- Spoon (to swirl and create that coveted ombre effect!)

- Toasted Almond Beet Tea (it's pink!)

- Organic dry rose petals (for decoration!)

- Edible 24k Gold Glitter (for decoration)

- Glitter Wand (if you want to be *extra fancy*)

- Rose Gold Straw ;)

Side note for both drinks: S3 Coffee Bar's Toasted Almond Beet Tea has dried beets in it to give it the pink color. You can also buy regular Toasted Almond Tea and then buy dried beets to steep in the tea to be totally DIY at home. By using the beets, there's no food coloring added at all to create these beautiful, vibrant colors. The colors are all natural!

As you can see, both drinks use most of the same ingredients, so you can use them to impress your bf/gf, cute crush, friends, family & yourself by making not one, but *two* super beautiful & delicious pink drinks :)

Make sure you follow @S3CoffeeBar on Instagram - their feed is so aesthetic & pink-minimalism goals. Plus, cute café. Need I say more?! Automatic *heart eyes* <3

S3 Coffee Bar - Instagram

Ummm...Mermaid Toast?!! YUM. YES PLEASE.

And to celebrate Valentine's Weekend...S3 Coffee Bar's Bento Tea Box is back! If I were in San Diego, I would absolutely get one to help celebrate & guarantee a happy Heart Day - you can pre-order your Bento Tea Box HERE!

Valentine's Day Bento Tea Box - S3 Coffee Bar: San Diego, CA

Cheers to all things pink and a Happy Valentine's/Galentine's/Singles Awareness Day! Lol ;) Hope these playlists help set the vibe while you're making (and enjoying!) your pretty pink drinks:
acoustic & chill pop - curated by me

girl power pop - curated by me, as well :)

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When you make these pretty pink drinks, make sure you post on InstaStory and tag @S3CoffeeBar and @KristinaLachaga so we can see your creations!!!

LYM! <3

love, the girl with the big pink heart™

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