WATCH: Branding Tips to Standout & Be Remembered with Skai Blue Media's Rakia Reynolds!

Cookie Rally: Rakia Reynold's Branding Tips!

Hey #Heartbreakers! I had a blast as the Host & Musical Guest for USA Girl Scouts Overseas' (first-ever!) Virtual Cookie Rallies this year! And now it's time for YOU to meet our PR, Communications & Brand strategist extraordinaire: Rakia Reynolds! Rakia is ready to help you build your Cookie-selling "brand," make yourself stand out and be remembered!

Find out what Rakia's job is like as the Founder and Executive Officer of Skai Blue Media, an award-winning multimedia communications firm that works with people, products, and places on their business, branding, and bragging. Over a decade of leading industry leaders has positioned Rakia Reynolds as one of the foremost minds in strategic communications and business innovation as an adviser to top Fortune 100 companies and influential figures. Rakia serves a robust and diverse client list, including Airbnb, Dell, Glennon Doyle, Morgan Stanley, Serena Williams, and more. A thought-leader and tastemaker, Rakia is a proven authority in marketing, strategic communications, and business development. In addition to Skai Blue Media, Rakia is the founder of Evryday Jane and Fan of Your Brand.


In our interview, Rakia will introduce you to the world of communicating, understanding your audience, making a strategic communications plan/marketing plan to achieve a certain goal, and determining & creating your personal brand -- all key points for reaching your Girl Scout Cookie Selling Goals!

Plus, Rakia was a Girl Scout until she was 18-years-old! So amazing to find out about her Girl Scout roots!!

Fun Fact: I actually interviewed Rakia (in-person!) back in 2015 in NYC for GlamourGals' Leadership Training Institute! Can't believe this was 5 years ago!! SO much fun reuniting on Zoom!

Kristina Lachaga & Rakia Reynolds

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Have an AMAZING Cookie Season - You've got this, Girl Scouts!!!

Stay tuned for more inspiring interviews from USA Girl Scouts Overseas' Cookie Rallies coming soon to my YouTube Channel! YAY!

LYM! <3

love, the girl with the big pink heartâ„¢


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