Summer's Not Over Yet! Listen Now on YouTube: Hot Summer - Namaiki Nightcore Remix!

Hot Summer (Namaiki Nightcore Remix) - Kristina Lachaga

Hey #Heartbreakers! SURPRISE!!! Summer's not over yet!!! Check out the Namaiki Nightcore Remix of #HotSummer, now on YouTube!

I'm obsessed with Namaiki's remix and can't wait for you to hear it! A (Late)Summer Night's Dream?? YES!


Plus, watch my LIVE Virtual Performance of Hot Summer at QuestFest!

Make sure you follow Namaiki on YouTube & Instagram to check out all her amazing Nightcore Remixes!

Have a Hot Summer and talk soon! xo

LYM! <3

love, the girl with the big pink heartâ„¢


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