my new single "Love You More" is OUT NOW! <3

Love You More - Kristina Lachaga

some songs write themselves and "Love You More" did just that. inspired by love that grows day by day, i hope "Love You More" brings an endless amount of love and sunshine to those who listen to it. "Love You More" started as a one take voicenote on my phone and grew into the 1st "romance" song i've ever released as my producer and i added acoustic guitar accompaniment while sitting on the floor of his bedroom at his aunt's house.


so excited to share this piece of my heart with you x


love you more credits

written by Kristina, Rich, Vicki

produced by Kristina, Rich, Vicki

recorded at Erypsus Studios (New Jersey)

recording engineers: Rich, Gregg at Erypsus Studios (New Jersey)

mixed by Rich

mastered by Nathan at thehitlab (Nashville)

p.s. thank you to everyone who pre-saved LYM! it truly means the world to me as this song is such a special one for me



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Love You More - Kristina Lachaga

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